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Whether you’re suffering from injuries due to an accident, are recovering from a long hospital stay, are making your way back to normal after surgery, or simply have issues such as back and neck problems that constantly plague you, there’s a good possibility that you could benefit from active rehabilitation, a treatment program used to correct body mechanics and restore mobility, designed by our experts especially for you. 

This safe and effective treatment is ideal for post-operative rehab, soft tissue sprains (or strains), joint injuries, and even post-concussion management. Some women find it helps them during their post-natal period and even aids with continence and other pelvic floor issues. 

What to know

Active rehabilitation, or rehabilitative exercise, is a component of just about every physiotherapy program. Basically, it can be described as the work the patient does towards their recovery and to maintain their health, even after they are discharged from the care of the physiotherapist. 

At Health Craft, as a part of our treatments, we prescribe a variety of exercises usually near the end of our session as sort of a take-home activity to aid in the patient’s healing process. We walk through and demonstrate each exercise and give them instruction on the sets and reps of each exercise. We progress the exercise based on the patient’s level.

The exercises used in active rehabilitation vary greatly. Some are very simple and may be done in just a minute or two. That may be where a patient starts, eventually graduating to a variety of multi-functional exercises that serve several purposes. It will all depend on why you’re being treated and the goals for a particular outcome. 

It’s important to remember that exercises are an essential part of the rehabilitative process for most injuries as well as for those recovering from heart attacks, strokes, or other illnesses that have interrupted their life and left them weaker than normal and perhaps with impaired movement. Continued exercise is also a great way to avoid injuries in the future, especially since many injuries are caused by muscle imbalance, an issue that can be fixed with active rehabilitation. 

Do I need equipment for active rehabilitation?

While you are visiting Health Craft Clinic, you will have access to a variety of exercise equipment and machinery. These include weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, pilates reformer equipment, and more. Our team of kinesiologists may design a program for you that includes some of this equipment.

However, we’ll also make sure that your “homework” can be done without the need to purchase expensive gym equipment. We’ll design exercises that you can do in the space you have at your home without the need to make any changes or additions.

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