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What is Bodywork?

It is a manual manipulation of soft tissue using a variety of techniques affecting muscles, fascia, tendons, joints, and ligaments by improving joint and muscle function, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, improving tissue repair, and decreasing the pain of acute and chronic conditions, overuse injuries and everyday stressors on the body.

The bodywork also affects the nervous system by promoting relaxation and well-being.

What are the benefits of bodywork?

  • Bodywork can make local capillary dilate, make blood circulation and lymphatic circulation accelerate, and the skin becomes flushed. Bodywork not only causes local changes but also reflexively causes systemic hemodynamic changes. For example, not only does the local skin temperature increase after bodywork, but also the distal limb skin temperature increases. Tuina on the back can be observed to increase the speed of circulation at the end of the nail bed, massage back for 15 minutes, can make the heart rate slow and blood pressure slightly decreased.


  • When the body has pain due to injury somewhere, it can find an acupoint near the most painful place to give strong stimulation, and there is a strong sense of air, then the pain of the original pain site will be significantly reduced or disappear at once. It was observed that the competitive rate of endorphins was significantly increased after massage therapy, suggesting that the pain relief might be the result of the combined action of endorphins and opioid receptors. In addition, injuries and injuries can produce some painful neurotransmitters in the body, such as 5-hydroxytryptamine, massage can promote the degradation of these substances, and discharge so that the pain is relieved.


  • The use of pushing, kneading, holding, pinching, and other techniques and passive activities can prevent the contracture of bone, muscle, tendon, and other tissues, reduce swelling, disperse blood stasis, release adhesion, prevent stiffness of joints, and improve the mobility of joints.