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If you’re reading this webpage, it’s likely that someone has recommended you take advantage of the benefits of physiotherapy, but perhaps you’re not exactly sure what that entails. You know that the end result is an improvement of your physical strength and function and – as such – your overall health, but maybe you’d like to know a little more about what a physiotherapist does to get you to that point.

What is physiotherapy?

The technical definition of physiotherapy is “a treatment that focuses on the science of movement”. Of course, that’s a rather broad statement.

More specifically, physiotherapy assists with rehabilitation (after an illness or injury), can aid in injury prevention, and helps promote good health and fitness. It’s prescribed to help an individual restore their physical strength and improve their motor skills and function by addressing underlying physical issues.

Physiotherapists tend to be holistic in their approach, offering treatment that encompasses an individual’s overall well-being rather than just the issue at hand, such as recovery from a broken leg, managing a chronic condition, or regaining strength after a long hospital stay.

In addition, a competent physiotherapist works in partnership with other medical professionals that are involved in a patient’s care, such as orthopedists, cardiologists, and others who are treating that patient for a particular illness or injury.

How can we help you?

As we noted, there are a number of reasons why you might be sent to a physiotherapist. These include:

  • Sports injuries – Both young and “older” sports participants can suffer accidents or injuries without warning. We can help you recover more quickly and get a healthier you back in the game.
  • Car accidents – So many things can happen to your body in a car accident, some more obvious than others. At Health Craft, we can address the many injuries suffered in a collision or other auto accident, setting you on a road to recovery.
  • Slips and falls – No one plans to fall and hurt themselves, but it happens every day. Whether you took a tumble on a flight of stairs or tripped over the dog’s water bowl, you can do some major damage to your body when you fall. We can help put you back together with a customized program for your recovery.
  • Workplace accidents – Accidents at work are all too common, even with safety guidelines in place. If you’ve been hurt at work, we can assist in your recovery and get you back on the job with exercises and more that you can do at our facility and at home.
  • Post-surgery and long hospital stays – If you’ve recently had surgery or if you were in hospital for an extended amount of time, your body is going to need help to get back to normal. We can assist you in regaining your strength and movement with a program that’s tailored to address your needs.

Scheduling time with a physiotherapist

Generally, you’ll be referred to a physiotherapist by another doctor or medical professional. This referral is meant to help you be on your way to better health and strength.

Once you are evaluated by the physiotherapist, he or she will then design a program specifically for you, created to help you reduce pain and regain movement through exercises and body mechanics that can strengthen your body and move you towards healing.

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